Manifesting isn't trying to attract things that you want, true manifesting is an awareness and understanding that you attract what you are.

Hi, I'm Ashlee.

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If I could go back and tell my younger self one thing, it would be: we are always manifesting and your energy is the most important part of the puzzle.
But since we can't change the past, let's focus on creating an amazing future right now - because that we can and will do.
Back in 2011 I completed my first yoga teacher training in NYC and that opened up a new world for me. Not just with my yoga practice, but I can't imagine any other way that I would have had the opportunity at that time to connect with so many amazing clients. They gave me a new perspective on what is truly possible - it's a lot more than we give ourselves the chance to think.
At the same time I took a deep dive into the metaphysical and searched until I found a copy of A Course in Miracles -it wasn't so easy to find back then- and for a couple years I attended Monday night lectures to keep learning more about spiritual and manifestation principles.
And since then I have continued to learn, embody and share about all things manifesting. There is so much information out there that can be confusing, so I have focused on compiling light and easy to understand programs that will most importantly support you to believe it is all possible and your dreams can become your reality.

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